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PerfectKicks Shipping time

Many of our customers are in such a hurry and think they will buy in our store and receive the product just a few days later.
Unfortunately, this is not the case.

We do not have our own stock of products and we work closely with local factories that produce the models you find on our site.

After receiving your order, we will immediately begin the ordering and processing operations.
Then one of our agents will place an order at the factory and book an appointment for collection.
This phase usually takes 3-5 days but may take more days if the factory has yet to produce your product or if the factory has received many orders at the same time.

After receiving the product from the factory one of our agents will forward the photos of the product to obtain confirmation if you have requested QC after payment.

Finally, we will need 24-48 hours to ship your product and get a shipping tracking.

We will provide you with tracking as soon as possible but please note that it may take another 48 hours for the tracking to become functional.
Now all you have to do is follow your shipping tracking. It will usually take 5 – 10 business days to receive your product. This depends on the shipment you have chosen, your country of origin and any delays.

In conclusion, when buying a replica model you should always consider about 15 – 30 days to get the purchased product.
Patience is the first rule in this market. If you are impatient type or lose your temper easily, please don’t buy in our store.

If, on the other hand, you understand the delicacy of our sector, you are welcome and we hope to do a lot of business together.